How to Find Great Deals on 2020 SUVs

2020 was a crazy year in the automotive industry. But that’s good news for SUVs buyers since remaining 2020 SUVs now go for pennies on the dollar.

Dealerships are getting rid of the 2020 SUVs models to create room for 2021 models. As a result, buyers can now purchase new SUVs or Crossovers at great prices. 

There’s never been a great time to own a car like now. All you need to do is to open your browser and search for the best deals online. You will see several amazing Crossover or SUV deals posted by dealerships.

There’s a lot of helpful information online. If you’ve been dreaming of owning a Crossover, SUV, or Luxury SUV – do not wait any longer.

Below you will find all the relevant information about SUVs and Crossovers and the best way to secure a great deal.

Crossover vs SUV vs Luxury SUV

Luxury and standard SUVs differ, as the names suggest. Luxury SUVs generally come with more powerful engines, fancier interiors, insulated cabins that don’t let in much road or engine noise and fancy features.

Luxury SUVs also come with hi-tech infotainment functionality and a superb audio system. Their interiors are integrated with the finest materials of wood and leather.

Besides that, luxury SUVs have superior safety features, including frontward impact warning and auto-braking systems that make luxury SUVs more of a fort than your standard SUV.

Most luxury models released to the market feature powerful engines. Their engines deliver great power and with superior handling and acceleration compared to the average SUV. They also come equipped with improved transmissions, suspensions, and brake systems for pleasant and smoother cruising.

The thing that separates an SUV from a Crossover is the platform. An SUV has a platform that’s similar to that of a truck, whereas a Crossover platform is based on a sedan. In technical terms, a crossover is a uni-body construction, whereas an SUV is a body-on-frame design.

Save Big on Crossovers and SUVs

According USA Today, there’s a higher number of gently used SUVs in the market today than ever before. As a buyer, you can purchase vehicles that are still in great shape at unbelievably low rates.

Over the years, we’ve seen many individuals shifting from traditional sedans to Crossovers and SUVs. To capture this new market, manufacturers had to produce and distribute these SUVs in huge numbers.

Here are some affordable SUVs in the market:

Jeep Grand Cherokee

You can have a monthly payment of about $269 per month with a $3,000 incentive cashback. It comes with a 0% interest rate, and you will have five years to complete your payment.

Mazda CX-5 

With a payment of roughly $219 per month, you can drive this SUV at a 0% interest rate. Financing is available over a 72 month term.  It also comes with an incentive cashback of $500.

Nissan Rogue

You will get this excellent SUV for $199 per month at a 0% interest rate. You will also get ample time of five years to pay for this vehicle. Plus, a $500 incentive as cashback.

Luxury Models

Supposing elegance is your thing, the BMW X3 is available at $479 per month, Jaguar F-Pace at $439 per month, and the Acura RDX at $379/month. Note that these are lease which do not require anything down at the time of signing.  

The competition between automakers for who can build the most affordable Crossovers and SUVs is intense, resulting in significant cash benefits and low prices.

Searching for Crossover and SUV Deals

Even though dealers have considerably reduced prices on their overstocked inventory of Crossovers and SUVs, you will still want to search online before walking into a dealership.

Using a simple search, you can research all of the best deals currently available in your community. You can also compare the prices, benefits and features of multiple SUVs that you might be considering. The exciting bit about online search is that there are countless special deals that dealers post online that you are likely to come across.

Besides that, you can search for a particular dealer and monitor what inventory they have – When someone pops up that catches your eye you can act fast and take advantage of the deal right away. Using this strategy can help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

What Are You Waiting For?

This is the ideal time to get yourself a brand-new crossover or an SUV. Take advantage of the current affordable rates. Keep in mind that the rates could get revised at any time.