Now is the Time to Buy a Land Rover

We’re living in unprecedented times. Although dealerships are open for business, the pandemic has seen them losing lots of customers.

Because of layoffs and pay cuts, many customers can’t afford to purchase new vehicles anymore. Furthermore, most workers have opted to work at home, so they don’t have to drive all the time.

Because of these changes, most automakers had to halt production to avoid losing more money. Although all these come as a disadvantage to carmakers and dealerships, it’s a benefit for shoppers looking to buy new rides. If you have been putting off the purchase of a new vehicle for quite some time, right now might be the best buyig opportunity for a new car or SUV.

To make sales, dealerships and carmakers are offering customers attractive deals. With a quick search online, you can find new incentives offered to attract clientele to Land Rover.

By taking advantage of the deals and incentives, you can save lots on a brand-new Land Rover.

Below are reasons you should consider getting a Land Rover today.

Sales for Jaguar Land Rover Are at a Record Low

Jaguar Land Rover which is owned by Tata Motors, has had a troubling year, and it has lost a significant amount of money. Stats from Autocar show Tata Motors only sold 42,5974 vehicles worldwide in the previous year, marking a 23.6% decline.

The Land Rover brand saw its decline by 18.3%, while the Jaguar models took the hardest hit with a 36.5% decline in sales.

In the fourth quarter, Jaguar Land Rover sales increased by 13.1% indicating a slow recovery. Sales for the Land Rover Defender went up by 66% in the last quarter of 2020 compared to the third. Thanks to the new short-wheelbase Defender 90.

The 2021 Defender 90 is a supercar with two doors. It can pick from 0 to 60 miles per hour in only 6 seconds. It has a six-cylinder engine which outputs 395 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque.

Car and Driver say the real attraction of the Defender 90 is how it’s the fastest factory-produced variety of Land Rover’s classic off-roader. It also costs less compared to the other models. Its entry-level price starts at $47,450.

The Land Rover brand still has many cars on sale, even as Defender 90 calls for all attention. The unveiling of Defender 90 could be good news to the buyers since prices could drop on cars that the dealers want to clear out of their stock.

You Can Find a Variety of Land Rover Deals Today

Even with the slight improvement in sales, dealers still focus on getting back to the normal figures. They also need to clear the unsold inventory to create room for newer models. This is good news to shoppers since they might land a great deal on various Land Rovers.

For instance, Range Rover Evoque (2020) has an offer presently on the S trim. Buyers can save up to $3,000 in cash until the end of March. Besides that, there’s a single APR financing offer you can take advantage of to pay zero APR for up to 5 years.

By visiting the Land Rover Website, you can secure a deal on the 2020 Discover Sport S. The car goes for an entry price of $41,500 and comes with a zero percent finance that lasts up to 72 months. Then again, you can consider leasing it for a monthly price of $349 and receive $1000 customer credit.

If you purchase a Land Rover Defender today, you can secure a $1000 customer cash offer. Also, a special APR deal of 0.9, which lasts up to 5 years, depending on your qualification.

Get a Land Rover Deal Online

If you want to secure a great deal on a Land Rover, consider conducting online research. Through research, you will discover the incentives offered by your local dealerships. Also, you’ll get to compare different offers so you can make an informed decision and save lots of money.

Besides comparing different dealerships, compare potential sales on several Land Rovers at one outlet. You might end up saving a fortune by switching to another model that didn’t capture your interest initially.

Visit the car dealers towards the close of a month or quarter. Since sales goals are set for the end of the month or quarter, the staff might cut the deal for you to meet their target.

Prior research will also allow you to track your favorite car and potential sales events hosted by dealers near you.