How to Find Deals on New Tires

Not everyone enjoys buying new tires. First, they’re the most expensive maintenance items on a car. Second, the installation is almost an entire day’s job.

Despite their high cost, new tires are essential. Worn tires are an accident waiting to happen and can leave you stranded at the side of the road.

Continue reading to learn the importance of good tires and where to find low price tires.

Benefits of Good Tires

Most people don’t replace their car tires regularly. Maybe it’s because of their high cost, or it just doesn’t cross their mind. Either way, replacing your car tires is crucial, and here are the reasons why:


New tires grip the road, helping you turn your vehicle or stop safely and in a reasonable amount of time. Worn-out tires can cause your car to slide off the road when you brake instantly or when the road is wet. Buying a new set after every 5 or 6 years is a small price to pay for your well-being.

Reduces blowout when driving

Worn-out tires suffer a lot from minor injuries, which can make them lose pressure in the process. Popular Mechanics say riding on old tires for prolonged periods increases the chances of the tires blowing out.


Have you been paying more than for fuel than you should? It is probably because of your tires. Worn out, uneven, and not properly balanced tires will have you wasting money at the pump. Old, worn-out tires will make your car struggle to keep consistent contact with the road. This causes your fuel economy to suffer quite a bit.


Your car will feel smooth and composed when your tires are well balanced, have proper pressure, and have good tread. Tires aid in suspension, and when they‘re damaged or bald, they will make your ride uncomfortably shaky and bumpyNew tires help you enjoy a quality driving experience.


When faced with a snowy or wet road, you need maximum traction from your tires to ensure you remain in control of your car and it remains grounded as you drive. Without proper tread that helps you spin on wet surfaces, you will end up in a potentially dangerous situation. High-quality tires will ensure your car is stable, even during poor weather.

Braking Performance

Having old or worn out tires can also result in subpar braking performance. Word out tires can cause your car to skid or continue sliding even after you apply pressure to the brake. This is a very dangerous risk that can be prevented by having new tires with more tread on them. In fact, many car insurance companies will even offer discounts when you have new tires because they recognize that new tires will aid in the safety and performance of your vehicle.

How to Save Money on a Set of New Tires?

Although new tires cost a lot, there are a few ways you can save your cash on a fresh pair of quality tires. Start by doing research online to find dealerships and websites offering discounts and offers on new tires.

It’s no secret: Most online sellers have a better price range compared to brick-and-mortar shops. What’s even better, tires get shipped to your nearest tire store and installed for a cheaper price.

Shop around; you will be surprised to see how many shops have special offers and deals. Most shops offer a ‘free’ tire for every three you purchase. Another famous offer is free mounting and balancing. Besides finding the best price of tires, also look for reduced tire installation costs. 

Maintaining your tires is the best way to save money. Doing little things like tire rotations and wheel alignment to ensure your tires are even. Also, regularly repair flat tires and maintain air pressure by keeping them filled to the maximum.

How good are your negotiating skills? According to a survey by Consumer Reports, 72 percent of customers get a discount by just bargaining.

A surprising number of tire retailers offer buy 2 get 2 deals on new tires. These buy 2 get 2 are some of the best promotions to take advantage of if you are in the market for a new set of tires.

Discounts for New Tires

High-quality tires ensure your safety and provide you with smooth rides. They also help you save money on fuel.

When buying tires, make sure you research price ranges from size, performance, and brand. Try also to find deals and offers on tires.

We recommend you look at different options before making a decision. Online research is the fastest way to find options that meet your car needs.