What Savings Accounts Are Offering the Best Signup Bonuses?

You will agree with me that the majority of savings accounts out there are not profitable and the reason is that their interest rate is nothing to write home about.

So even if you’ve had your savings account in one bank for many years, there is a huge possibility that your savings account isn’t generating the type of interest that will make you smile to the bank.

It will interest you to know that you can make more money with what you have in your savings account if you switch banks today.

In this article,  I will take you through several banks that are willing to offer you sign-up bonus cash offers once you open a savings account with them.

The essence of the signup bonus from the banks running the program is to entice you into being one of their customers and presently, a lot of banks are waiting for you to partner with them.

So all you have to do is to migrate to a new bank that offers the sign-up bonus cash offer and earn big.

Here are some of the banks offering the best signup bonuses in the financial market once you open a savings account with them today.

Capital One 360 Performance Savings Account

Once you open a Capital One 360 savings account and keep a minimum balance of $250 to $9,999,99, you’ll get a $25 bonus.

However, with the same savings account, if you maintain a minimum account balance of $10,000 or more, you will be eligible for a bonus sum of $100.

Just because you opened a new Capital One 360 savings account, you’ll be entitled to free money and it doesn’t stop there.

Once you open your savings account with Capital One and make some deposits within 10 days, you’ll earn either $25 or $100 and this is decided by your deposit amount. The best part is that your savings account will generate an annual percentage yield (APY) of 1.70% regardless of your deposit amount because your account is a high yield savings account.

Citibank Savings Account

Citibank is offering you a signup bonus of $400 as an incentive to open a savings account and checking account with them.

After opening both accounts, you’re required to deposit a minimum of $15,000 into both accounts within 30 days and allow the minimum balance to stay there for 60 days to be eligible for the bonus offer.

Once you meet the signup bonus offer terms, you’ll be gifted your bonus $400. If you want to earn a bigger signup bonus of $700, all you need to do is to open Citi Priority accounts which comprise one savings account and a checking account and meet the bank’s minimum balance threshold; the $700 sign up bonus will be yours.

Chase Savings Account

Once you open a Chase savings account, you will be gifted a signup bonus of $150. You’re required to deposit a minimum of $10,000 and above within 20 days of opening the account and maintain the minimum balance for 90 days.

You’ll be eligible for an additional $200 if you open a Chase Total Checking account together with your Chase savings account.

As a new Chase Bank customer, you have the opportunity the leverage the signup bonus program called; “choose what you earn”.

With the choose what you earn program, you have the option to earn a bonus sum of $150 when you open a savings account with Chase Bank or earn a bonus sum of $350 when you open a checking account alongside a savings account.

Furthermore, with the choose what you earn program, part of the requirement is that you set up direct deposit and honestly, this isn’t too much to ask considering the amount of signup bonus involved.

Discover Online Savings Account

Once you open a Discover online savings account, you’ll be gifted either a signup bonus sum of $150 or $200.

To be eligible for the $150 signup bonus offer, you’ll need to deposit an initial sum of $15,000 and for the $250 bonus offer, your initial deposit should be $25,000.

As a new Discover online savings account owner, you’re entitled to the signup bonus offer regardless of whether your account was opened online or via a phone call. Regardless of your account balance, your savings will continue to generate income with a sustainable interest rate of 1.8%.


Leverage these signup bonus offers to make more money for yourself. All you have to do is to choose the bank whose offer appeals to your sense of reasoning and follow your gut.

It’s important to know that these bonus offers are often changed from time to time so you’re advised to make your finding to see the latest offers and take action.