Finding Big Discounts on Las Vegas Hotels

If you are planning a vacation to Las Vegas, there are many benefits to searching around before your trip. When looking for a hotel or room for your stay, it is essential to investigate the ways you might save money. If you can’t spend an absorbent amount of money, do not worry. There are many ways to save money on hotels located in The Strip.

In 2019, a reported 42 million people ventured to Las Vegas, the gambler’s dream city. While the city is known for its nightlife and gambling scene, Las Vegas can offer something for everyone. From high-end performances to extravagant dining and shopping, the city is filled with adventure for those who wish to explore it.

If you are thinking about vacationing to Las Vegas, read the list below for ways to find discounts on hotels in Las Vegas.


Like any other popular city or resort, Las Vegas has varying periods of peak tourism, making it more affordable to travel during its offseason.

The city is at its busiest generally during the months of February, March, and June. Prices are highest during these months, so planning your trip to avoid this time period can score you great savings. Aiming for a visit in August or October can benefit you significantly.

It should also be noted that booking travel on certain days of the week may be more expensive than others. The middle of the week is typically when prices for flights drop, so aim to depart for your trip during this time. Saturdays are also a notoriously cheap day to buy plane tickets, but hotel rates for Saturday nights tend to climb.

Compare Multiple Options

When searching for places to stay, it is essential to look at several different options and compare them. Do not just settle for the first deal you come across. You might save more if you just dig a little deeper. Comparing rates and price points on travel comparison sites is usually the easiest way to do this. Websites like Kayak,, or Priceline can show you the rates available to you depending on the duration and number of guests included in your vacation.

Look for Special Offers and Promotions

Any price you find listed on a hotel or travel website may not be the end-all-be-all of prices. Las Vegas is a popular tourist location, so many hotels or travel agencies will offer promotions or sales in order to attract even more customers. To ensure you do not miss out on any deal, you might consider signing up for communications on special deals and rates offered that can be sent to your email or phone number.

Watch for Hidden Fees

Since Las Vegas is booming with tourists, the city adds a “resort fee” to basically any location you might stay at. This fee may be up to $30 or $40 a night, meant to cover the cost of Wi-Fi, swimming pools, hotel maintenance, and more. The fee may sometimes be more than the nightly cost of stay. Keep this fee in mind when traveling to Vegas so it does not sneak up on you.

Bundle to Save

Another great way to save money is to book and bundle your airfare and hotel all in one. If you are making a last-minute booking, this is even more true. Bundles may not only offer savings but can also include more features, such as a rental car or upgraded flight class. Unfortunately, bundling your flight and hotel can also mean surrendering some of your flexibility, as your options will become more limited. However, you will be making this sacrifice to save your money!

Sign Up for Incentive Programs

Many hotels and airlines offer frequent customers added benefits and savings. If Las Vegas is a destination you plan on regularly vacationing to, it may be worth it to join a royalty program in order to save money. One example of this is Harrah hotels offering their Total Rewards Club, or MGM Mirage hotels offering the M Life Rewards program. Signing up for such programs is free, and in the long run might save you more.

Take Advantage of Credit Card Benefits

Many credit cards will often offer travel benefits for their customers. Typically, extra miles are added for airline flights, but credit card benefits may even extend to help you save money on your hotel. These benefits usually come with restrictions, so pay attention to these limits. Deals may be made available at any time, so keep you eye out.

Book Directly

Sometimes, the prices you see listed for hotels can be negotiable. It can be beneficial to contact hotels directly to speak with them about pricing. If you find a similar option at another hotel for a lower price, hotels will often match it in order to remain competitive. This is especially true for last minute trips, or if a hotel appears to be fully booked.

Consider Non-Gambling Hotels

Las Vegas is famous for its gambling and gaming scene, but this may not be the reason for your trip. The city has many other things to offer. If you aren’t taking a gambling-centered vacation, staying in a hotel that does not include a casino can be far less expensive compared to one that does. Properties like the Trump hotel or Palms Place offer excellent stays at a lower price than those that include gaming.

Memberships Promotions

Before you book your stay, look through the memberships you have and see if they offer any travelling or hotel benefits. For example, AARP offers discounted hotel rates for its members, and many hotels offer discounts for AAA members.

When venturing to the land of Las Vegas, it is important to do your research in order to save money. Check websites or call hotels and airlines to see what kind of savings you can score.