The Best Mattress Deals at Walmart

Anybody looking to buy a mattress needs to see these incredible deals that are currently available at Walmart.

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Walmart has a well deserved reputation for offering the best deals and discounts on households goods. Although they may not be known as a mattress store, this reputation for deep discounts also applied to beds and mattresses. In fact, many customers will be surprised at the wide variety of mattresses that Walmart sells.

Walmart has been making a larger push into the mattress industry and even created their own brand of mattresses called Allswell. When you purchase an Allswell mattress you can be sure that you are getting a premium quality mattress to sleep on without having to pay a premium price.

Here are some of the best mattress deals that you can find at Walmart right now.

Allswell Mattress

As we mentioned before, Walmart is investing heavily in their Allswell brand of mattress. You can find the range of Allswell mattresses at every Walmart location. The Allswell mattress stats at only $265 for twin size mattress and costs $375 for a queen size mattress.

The Allswell is a mattress in a box option similar to Casper but at a significant discount. A similar Casper mattress would cost $595 while the Allswell is only $375. The Allswell is consider a hybrid mattress which means that it has both pocketed coils and memory foam. This design helps give the mattress a supportive feel that will offer you a lot of back support as you are sleeping.

A top layer featuring 2.5 inches of memory foam will help keep you cool and comfortable no matter what type of climate you are sleeping in. Underneath the top layer of memory foam is 7 inches of innerspring coils which work to keep the mattress feeling firm and strong for all weights. People who sleep on their stomach or back will love the firm feeling of the Allswell mattress.  

Lucid Refresh Mattress

People who are looking to get an affordable mattress should look into the Lucid Refresh brand that is available for sale at Walmart. These mattresses start at only $129 for a Twin 6” mattress and a Queen 6” mattress would cost $189.

The Lucid Refresh mattress features 2 inches of pressure relieving memory foam and 4 inches of high density foam base. People who are looking for superior back support will appreciate what the Lucid Refresh mattress has to offer. The 2 inches of memory foam will conform to your body size to help reliver shoulder, back and neck pain as you sleep.

Another major benefit of this mattress is an outer cover made of breathable fabric that you can remove and wash. This makes keeping the mattress clean and fresh very easy.

Linenspa Explorer Mattress

One of the best mattress deals you can find at Walmart comes from a brand called Linenspa. In particular the Linenspa 6” Innerspring mattress is only $79 for a twin and $129 for a Queen. With thousands of great reviews online, this is easily the best mattress on the marker for under $100.

The mattress features 6 inches of steel coils and comfort foam. This means the mattress will have a medium firmness to it that it too soft and not too hard.

This mattress is frequently used in bunk beds or toddler beds because it is lightweight and durable.

Spa Sensations Mattress

The Spa Sensations by Zinus Serenity 6” Memory Foam Mattress is another great deal currently being offered by Walmart. At only $119 for a twin or $179 for a queen. Featuring a top layer of premium memory foam, this mattress will help relieve pressure and make it easy for your joints to relax.

The mattress will continue to smell fresh for years as it contains a blend of green tea and charcoal that help to neutralize any odors. The mattress comes rolled in a box and will be delivered by mail when you order from

In Conclusion

Walmart is one of the best places to buy a mattress without spending a lot of money. You may not think of Walmart as a store that sells mattresses, but they are trying to change this and even have their own brand of premium mattresses called Allswell that has been getting great reviews from a number of different websites.

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Before you buy your next mattress be sure to investigate the deals from Walmart. You might be surprised at how many premium mattresses they sell for well under $200.