Where to Find the Best Deals on Golf Equipment

Golf clubs don’t have to be expensive. Here is where you can find high quality golf clubs at a huge discount.

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Whether you’re a beginner or professional golf player with several years of experience, you need high-quality golf equipment.

However, shopping for the right golf clubs, custom balls, golf carts or club heads online can be overwhelming. There are many options to choose from, each with unique features and price tags. But don’t fret! We’re here to help.

Here, we will explore some of the best stores selling quality golf equipment at affordable rates. 

TGW–The Golf Warehouse

This family-owned business started as The Golf Warehouse in Wichita, Kansas. It is not only an online retailer for golf clubs but also over 30,000 other golf products. They have 24-hour flash sales, which offer an average of $100 off most golf clubs with free shipping on orders above $99. However, these orders come with several exclusions.

The company stocks an assortment of golf products inventory categorized into different player types: women, men, children, and left-handed golf players. Golfers can also shop for golf equipment based on club type (club sets or custom clubs) and brands (PING, Srixon, and Wilson).

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a renowned sporting store that offers a variety of clubs based on types, brands, and complete sets. What’s even interesting, these products come with a “Best Price Guarantee”, meaning the shop will match prices with other reputable retailers. As a result, you’re promised affordable equipment.  

What’s more, when you make an order online, you can plan for an in-store, free pickup after completing the payment process. Besides, the store offers attractive prices and an impressive list of golf products.

Are you a golf newbie and don’t know how and what to shop for? Worry less! Dick’s Sporting Goods official site features helpful buying guides addressing various topics. The guides can help you learn about custom golf clubs, how to select a suitable golf iron, and choosing hybrid or driver clubs.

There is also a filter option to handle star-related user reviews and a gamut of verified and top-notch customers, club features, gender, price, brands, and more. But that is not all! You’ll also get a handful of the companies’ exclusive clubs.

Every product sold at the shop includes exhaustive descriptions and recommendations on similar clubs, as well as star ratings and reviews.  

If you’re seeking products of the highest quality at an affordable price, Dick’s Sporting Goods is the place to shop.

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Callaway Golf Pre-Owned

Most online retailers sell used clubs; however, it feels overwhelming to purchase these products since you don’t know if they will surely deliver as promised. This is exactly what Callaway Golf aims to combat throughout their market line.

The shop focuses more on Callaway clubs. Each club sold at the store comes with an authenticity certification and a conditional guarantee. Moreover, once you make a purchase, you get a 3-month money-back guarantee. And in the case where the price drops within the first two weeks of purchase, you’ll be refunded upon request.

Apart from Callaway clubs, the shop also avails other brands, including Cobra, Cleveland, Titleist, TaylorMade, and Mizuno. However, unlike other websites, their website’s filters are limited but include hand, gender, and price.  Also, you can find other details like shaft flex and loft.

Callaway Golf shop does not fall behind in terms of user ratings, reviews, and product info. What is more, the related products section offers a horizontal and smart display that assists in narrowing down club’s searches.

Besides cost-effective products, shoppers benefit from Callaway rewards and sometimes free shipping (if they qualify).

Golf Avenue

Golf Avenue got launched in 2006 on eBay by two students. Since then, it has grown to be among the biggest online retailers dealing with pre-owned club products. Its inventory boasts 75,000+ clubs.

Golf Avenue is a passion-oriented company that offers options for different types of golfers. Whether you’re a budding low-handicap expert or a new player in the golfing world, you will love their products. In fact, their professional employees examine every club if it can be sold. If it’s worthy, the club gets steamed clean, photographed, and then graded to deliver transparency.

Their inventory also features popular brands like TaylorMade, Callaway, PING, and Titleist. You can also discover clubs at the store based on complete sets or club types. The prices of the golf equipment vary based on their conditions. But the price is often $100 less than the original retail price.

Golf Avenue website offers you all filter options, including brand, player types, flex, loft, price, and material. To make your search easier, you can narrow down your finding using the set of club conditions: fair, good, very good, like new and new.

Every club comes with detailed point descriptions as well as the manufacturing dates. Also, the review/rating section only includes user reviews from verified customers. If you purchase clubs above $150, you will enjoy free shipping, plus a one-month money-back guarantee on the items.

Rock Bottom Golf

If you’re looking for a discount store that will help you save considerably on the personal club, club sets, and iron groups, Rock Bottom Golf got you covered. The prices are relatively lower for all items, mostly the pre-owned ones. In addition, all clubs come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The site has a clearance section where you can find items with a 50% price cut.

Rock Bottom also has a cashback program, where you can exchange your old clubs for money. However, the amount of money you will make will depend on the overall condition of the club.

Visit their website and search for club type or brand. For more accurate selection, filter your search based on brand, flex, loft, condition, and price range. Each product features an extensive product description, which includes specifications on flex patterns, loft, and grip.

While you might not enjoy numerous reviews on their products, you can always find more info on them via other sites. For a breakdown of golf jargon, navigate to their easy-to-use online Golf Glossary. Furthermore, you get to enjoy a 90-day guarantee and free shipping for each club you purchase.

In Conclusion

Buying a new set of golf clubs does not have to be expensive. There are a variety of options that can help you find a new set of clubs for 50% off if you are willing to search these stores online.

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