Why You Should Get a Nursing Degree

As a registered nurse, you’ll take care of patients, assist doctors and other medical experts while getting a decent paycheck.

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Being a nurse can be a life-changing career; it is a very respectable profession that allows you to take care of others. So what’s the catch?

To be a registered nurse and begin your nursing career, you need to have a nursing degree and with it, you’ll enjoy a whole lot of benefits.

If you’re considering this incredible, exciting and rewarding career choice, you should take a look at these many benefits that you’ll get to enjoy once you acquire your nursing degree.

Nurses are in demand

The standard economic format of demand and supply also affects nurses because when you look at it; millions of nurses all over the world retire or are close to retirement and when they do retire, they’ll need younger nurses to fill the gap.

More than 55% of the registered nurses that we have today are over 50 years old and nearing retirement. Another projected 60,000 registered nurses leave the healthcare sector annually and when they do leave, their experience will be missed.

Nurses and nursing assistants play a vital role in the success of the healthcare sector. Their services are needed in hospitals, schools, emergency medical centers, doctor’s offices and other medical centers.

Every health care center needs a nurse the same way they need doctors.

The United States Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) have openly said that job opportunities for registered nurses have reached an all-time high. It is continuously growing.

The demand for nurses is projected to surpass 15% from now till 2026 according to a BLS report. In America, nurses are ranked as the most trusted professionals and it’s a well-deserved position.

If you visit a hospital for an emergency or routine check-up, your first point of contact will be nurses who will be there to offer compassionate care, advocate and educate you.

Nurses are very essential to the wellbeing of patients in any healthcare facility. With more and more people seeking preventive care and many more diagnosed with obesity and diabetes, in the long run, there will be a huge demand for senior medical care.

As a registered nurse, there will always be a job opening for you so if you want to leverage the nursing field; you need to get an education and earn a degree to stand a chance.

Nurses earn up to six figures

To be a registered nurse isn’t an easy feat; you’ll pass through the four walls of the university which will impact the needed knowledge into you and prepare you for what’s to come.

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Furthermore, you’ll earn a well-deserved salary to compensate you for choosing such a demanding career.

For instance, those who work as entry-level nursing staff such as the orderly or nursing assistants earn an approximated average sum of $27,000 and the fun part is that this position doesn’t require you to earn a nursing degree.

However, with more education and certifications, you’ll be able to earn more.

For instance, certified practical and vocational nurses earn a medium approximated salary of $44,000 while registered nurses earn an average of $71,730 yearly. In certain states a registered nurse can expect to earn even more with the average RN in California making $106,950. 

Meanwhile, if you study more and become a nursing practitioner, you’ll command six figures in the range of $107,000 yearly.

As long as you have a nursing degree and you’re still hungry for more knowledge, your earning power will always be enormous.

You can work in multiple environments

A lot of people believe that nurses are only able to work in a hospital environment or doctor’s offices and that’s not true. In truth, nurses can work in multiple environments.

Being a registered nurse doesn’t mean you’re only eligible to work in the medical sector, you can also be employed in many other sectors that require your expertise.

Nurses and their assistants can be employed in schools, mental health facilities, camps, nursing homes, blood banks, military bases and their facilities, cruise ships, prisons, rehab centers and many more.

If for some reason you dislike being around sick people and want to use your degree differently, you could become a healthcare lobbyist, a medical journalist or maybe work for a non-profit franchise.

With your knowledge, you can either be a registered nurse working in the environments that we have mentioned above or create a new niche for yourself and thrive.

What are the different ways to earn a nursing degree?

When it comes to earning a nursing degree, there are many ways to get it done. A lot of beginners opt for the associate nursing degree which prepares them for entry-level opportunities.

Most employers will accept diplomas in the nursing field. However, if you want to begin your career as a registered nurse, you need to acquire a bachelor’s degree in the nursing field or a Bachelor of Science (BSN) in the same field.

There are many ways to acquire nursing degrees and they include the following.

A university or online college

With the advent of technology, you’re no longer required to physically attend lectures on campus. There are more than enough online degree nursing programs that you can leverage from the comfort of your home.

A university or traditional college

You can also choose to enroll in nursing degree programs and attend lectures on campus for the duration of the program.

A combination program

Some nursing degree programs require you to take some classes online and still attend practical classes on campus so at the end of the day; you’re left to choose the one that best suits your schedule.

Regardless of how you acquired your nursing degree, there will always be job opportunities for you to take advantage of once you’re done with your program.

Thankfully, most programs get completed in two years or less. Some programs may allow you to sign and and start studying right away with zero down and low monthly payments upon graduation.

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Begin your journey to become a registered nurse today to secure your future. If you have a busy schedule with your other endeavors, you can take advantage of the various online nursing degree programs readily available.