Earn Your High School Diploma Online

If you are interested in earning a high school diploma online check out the programs below for a fast, easy and cheap way to get your high school diploma.

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A high school diploma has several benefits over the GED (General Education Development test), designed to certify high school-level academic competence but sets the bar too low than decent high school education.

There are several reasons people give up or cannot finish traditional high school. But keep in mind, individuals with a GED or high school diploma make an average of $11,000 annually more than those without a high school diploma.

Additionally, those with college degrees earn more than those with GEDs. Visit this article “High School Diplomas versus the GED “and discover the benefits a diploma has over a GED.

Luckily, today you don’t have to go to a traditional high school to get your diploma, thanks to the internet. At the comfort of your home, you can enroll in an online high school diploma program and study with ease.

But there’s a catch! With so many options existing for online high school programs, finding the right one might prove overwhelming. Remember, diplomas issued by reliable and quality online high schools are academically equivalent to those earned in a traditional high school, and some potential employers and institutions often acknowledge these certificates.

However, researching for an online high school diploma program without a clear understanding of vital facts and pitfalls is a waste of energy, time, and money.

But all is not lost! Below are a few aspects you need to consider when analyzing a high school program value:

  • The success rate of program completion
  • Ease of contact with teachers and school as a whole
  • Accessibility and delivery of courses
  • Tutoring and counseling services
  • Customized programming
  • Specialization, including arts, religion, engineering, etc.
  • Double credit offerings
  • Clubs or extracurricular activities

The Best Online High School Diploma Programs

University of Missouri High School: Mizzou K-12

  • Accreditations–NCA CASI and AdvancED
  • Price – $500 per class (half credit)
  • Discounts – Once accepted into the course, a 50% tuition discount rate is offered to students with a permanent Missouri address. US students admitted into the University of Missouri High School Diploma Program enjoy this offer too.

The University of Missouri High School: Mizzou K-12 is a branch of Missouri’s College of Education. The school is the first in the nation to be accredited by a College of Education at a research-intensive flagship institution. As a result, the curriculum aligns with national and state standards and features courses approved by NCAA.

The program is split into two pathways: College-Prep Diploma Path (25 credits) and Standard Path (24 credits). In addition, special topics, AP, NCAA-approved courses, and honors are all available.

Some of the country’s most elite and traditionally selective universities, including MIT, Princeton, Dartmouth, Rice, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Michigan, and Wake Forest University, continually accept graduates with diplomas from Mizzou K-12 graduates.

The school also hosts student organizations, such as the Math Club and NHS.

Mother of Divine Grace

  • Accreditations – ACS WASC
  • Price–When paying using one of the three payment plans, students will incur $820. Alternatively, they can make a one-time payment of $720. But there is a menu for extra charges for things like adobe courses, available courses, and support. Therefore, take time to review the costs.
  • Need to know – MODG has a Special Services Program as part of their Teacher Review Program for families with special needs children. 

Mother of Divine Grace (MODG) is a private, Catholic classical school located in Ojai, California. It began its operation in 1995. The institution aims to offer parents the education materials, assistance, and support they require to educate their children in a traditional way.

Students also enjoy dual enrollment. All they have to do is to enroll via their local community college. 

MODG has taken students to prestigious institutions, including:

  • Harvard
  • MIT
  • The University of Chicago
  • Yale
  • Stanford
  • Princeton,
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Northwestern University
  • Dartmouth College
  • Vanderbilt University in Nashville (TN)
  • Rice University (TX)
  • Notre Dame University in Indiana (IN)
  • UCLA

To earn a MODG diploma, you need to complete 225 units (22.5 credits).

Besides that, MODG offers courses in performing arts, music, and visual arts as part of its mission to promote the fine arts. MODG has three program types to choose from, based on the learning independence desired by the family. They include directed, enhanced directed, and assisted.

The institution also provides students with apprenticeships, extra course attendance, teacher learning/service support, and homeschooling assistance.

University of Texas High School

  • Accreditations – Texas Board of Education
  • Price – $225 per course. Yearly enrollment (12 semesters) goes for $2,700.
  • Need to know–No need for textbooks for the courses since they get designed by professional educators and approved by NCAA and College Board.

UTHS offered by the University of Texas allows high school students to pursue their education online. Currently, the school has over 300 full-time students and partnered with several education districts worldwide. Whether you are a full-time or part-time student, you can access the coursework online 24 hours, 7 days.

Students qualifying for UTHS benefit from the dual-credit program option offered via the University of Texas at Austin online college program. The program enables them to access courses and exams in 60+ subject areas. Students may also enroll in online AP courses, credit-recovery classes, or NCAA-approved classes.

To earn a high school diploma in Texas, students need to earn 26 credits. Through the online program, students can enroll for 6-7 courses per semester and complete the 26 credits within 4 years. Thus, graduate on time.

Bottom Line

Attaining a high school diploma is the key to landing your dream job much faster. What’s even better, the online high school diploma programs cost much less than traditional in-classes. 

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