How to Learn English Online at No Cost

If you want to learn English, you should take classes from these websites that are completely free.

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Fortunately, there are many options available on the Internet that allow you to learn a new language without paying any money. Before you start taking free English classes, it’s important to keep the following in mind so that you get the most out of the classes.

We recommend using one of the following websites to start your English language learning journey. They all offer free classes and lesson plans that will help you learn the language quickly.


EnglishHelper offers two learning programs: Learn English and Write Better. While the latter has free and paid versions, the former is completely free.

EnglishHelper is ideal for a beginning student, especially if they have difficulty understanding spoken English. They offer six different listening speeds and a pronunciation guide to help you speak and understand their language. With a picture dictionary of 400,000 words, you will soon learn a lot of vocabulary. Translations are available in more than 20 languages, which means you won’t have any difficulty finding English alternatives to words in your native language.

Finally, they also have regular tests to make sure you’re learning regularly. This type of structure is great for English learners who have a hard time committing to a program.


ESLgo provides a comprehensive set of learning resources for anyone trying to learn English as a second language. This website has an amazing collection of lessons, arranged by level (beginner/intermediate/advanced) that you can peruse to build a strong foundation in reading, writing, and listening in English.

Most of the lessons focus on grammar and vocabulary. Also, they have fun and interesting lessons that involve bits of popular culture. For example, they have a grammar exercise based on Harry Potter and even a vocabulary class with famous love songs and pop songs.

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Englishlink has plenty of courses to choose from. I suggest you first go to the “100% Free English Training” option. Just by creating a free account, you’ll get immediate access to over 240 hours of English lessons.

They also have lessons geared towards different skill levels. They even have a “Business English” section for those interested in improving their communication skills in the workplace. Also, each lesson is quite varied. In just one class, you’ll learn how to tell time, use a particular verb form, describe simple things, and even improve your English pronunciation.
You will have expert Canadian and American teachers to guide you. As such, the course will cover all the bases: grammar, reading, listening, vocabulary and pronunciation. So if you have enough time on your hands and are looking for an all-in-one option, Englishlink may be the way to go.

Learn English Online

Learn English Online is a brilliant website for complete beginners or anyone feeling relatively new to the language. The website offers two “pre-lessons”, which explain the English alphabet and the number system. Then the lessons move on to simple grammar topics.

The Learn English Online Beginners Course includes free lessons grouped into units. This makes it easier for independent learners to impose some structure on their English practice: set a goal for when you’d like to finish each unit, and challenge yourself to stay on track. Each lesson comes with an explanatory video and some exercises to test your understanding.


With all these free English classes available, you will find one that you like. The most important step is to start right away so that you can speak English very soon.

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