Why You Should Consider a Career in Window Installation

A shortage of people working in window replacement and installation means that people are getting hired for over $50/hour with no experience. See below for more info.

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In today’s construction and renovation industry, there is a growing demand for skilled window installers. These professionals play a vital role in transforming spaces, improving energy efficiency, and enhancing the aesthetics of buildings. However, the window installation industry is currently facing a shortage of qualified individuals to meet the increasing demand. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the shortage and how window installation companies are actively seeking to hire and train individuals for this rewarding career.

As the construction industry experiences a boom and homeowners prioritize energy-efficient upgrades, the demand for window replacement and installation has surged. Aging infrastructure, changing building codes, and the push for sustainable solutions have further contributed to the increased need for window installers. The demand extends to both residential and commercial sectors, offering ample opportunities for skilled professionals.

Reasons for the Shortage

Several factors have contributed to the shortage of window installers:

a. Aging Workforce: Many experienced window installers are approaching retirement age, resulting in a significant loss of skilled workers from the industry.

b. Lack of Awareness: The window installation profession is often overlooked or undervalued as a career choice. As a result, younger individuals may not be aware of the opportunities and rewards associated with this field.

c. Skills Gap: The technical expertise required for window installation is specific and specialized. The lack of formal training programs or apprenticeships focused on window installation has contributed to a shortage of qualified professionals

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The Benefits of a Career in Window Installation

Window installation offers numerous advantages as a profession, making it an appealing career choice for individuals seeking stability, growth, and job satisfaction:

. Job Security: With the increasing demand for window installation services, professionals in this field can enjoy job security and steady employment opportunities.

b. Competitive Wages: Skilled window installers can command competitive wages, especially as the shortage of qualified individuals drives up demand.

c. Career Growth and Advancement: Window installation presents opportunities for career growth and advancement. Experienced installers can move up to supervisory roles, become project managers, or even start their own businesses.

d. Hands-On Work: For individuals who prefer hands-on work over desk jobs, window installation provides the satisfaction of tangible results and the opportunity to work outdoors.

e. Contributing to Sustainability: Window installers play a crucial role in improving energy efficiency and sustainability by installing modern, energy-efficient windows that reduce carbon footprints and enhance building performance.

How Much Can You Earn?

Window installers can earn between $50 to $65 per hour depending on the city and years of experience. This can be a very lucrative career as there are no degrees or prior experience needed to enter the industry.

According to Salary.com, the average window installer earns $51,894 per year and workers at the 90% level earn an average of $75,644 per year for installing windows.  

Company Efforts

a. Recruitment Efforts: Window installation companies are increasing their recruitment efforts by advertising job opportunities through various channels, including job boards, online platforms, and local community resources.

b. Training and Apprenticeships: Some companies are initiating training programs and apprenticeships to develop a skilled workforce. These programs provide hands-on experience, technical knowledge, and mentorship to individuals interested in pursuing a career in window installation.

c. Collaboration with Educational Institutions: Window installation companies are partnering with trade schools, vocational programs, and community colleges to create tailored curriculum and promote the profession as a viable career option.

d. Offering Incentives: To attract talented individuals, companies may provide competitive wages, benefits packages, professional development opportunities, and a supportive work environment. Some companies have started offering signup bonuses worth $3,500 for new staff members.


The shortage of window installers presents both challenges and opportunities for the industry. With the increasing demand for window replacement and installation services, there is a pressing need to attract and train skilled professionals. Companies are actively working to address the shortage by offering competitive wages, training programs, and partnering with educational institutions. A career in window installation can provide job security, competitive wages, and the satisfaction of contributing to sustainable building practices. As the industry continues to evolve, it is an opportune time for individuals interested in hands-on work to explore the rewarding and promising career path of window installation.

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