New Job Offers! Earn $80K or more per year as a Truck Driver

These companies are getting desperate to hire new drivers and are offering huge salaries and bonuses to attract workers.

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Today, many Americans rely on online shopping for nearly everything, from groceries to shoes and clothes. The pandemic has further increased the demand for online shopping as people try to maintain social distancing by working at home.

As such, there’s a need for more and more truck drivers today to deliver goods to various destinations.

What’s even better, trucking companies are offering truck drivers incentives and good salaries. So don’t miss out on this chance. Go online and do a quick search. You will find many job openings for truck drivers.

In this article, we will explore the benefits you will enjoy as a new truck driver.

High Rates of Pay

According to Washington Post, there was a shortage of over 50,000 truck drivers in 2018. Since then, the gap has continued to widen. Most students don’t think of truck driving as a lucrative career.

But the reality is, truck driving is one of the most rewarding careers in the market. With big e-commerce stores like Amazon expanding every day, the demand for truck drivers who can do deliveries increases too. And because of the shortage, truck drivers enjoy fantastic salaries.

With unemployment rates currently quite high across the country, many people would benefit from considering a career in truck driving. Even if you have never considered truck driving as a career option, you might be surprised at how enjoyable it can be.  

Many trucking companies are hiring and willing to pay truck drivers a high salary. For instance, the starting salary of a truck driver in the Midwest is $80,000 per year. You can get even better rates from other companies.

Roadmaster Drivers School reports that, if you can share driving gigs with someone, you could pocket up to $150,000 per annum. This is usually referred to as tag-team driving and is a common career choice for couples who want to work together and travel across the country together. Your pay will increase significantly if you become a specialized driver or work for certain companies.

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What is even better is that the more skilled you become at truck driving, the more your pay increases. Depending on the distance you cover and the nature of your work, you could pocket up to $120,000. As you advance your career, you could become a trainer and boost your annual salary up to $80,000 per year.

Thanks to the shortage of truck drivers. The demand for them has continued to rise, particularly during peak seasons. The American Trucking Associations predicts a shortage of over 176,000 truck drivers by 2026.

Great Incentives for New Truck Drivers

Besides high salaries, trucking companies are currently offering great incentives to attract new truck drivers.

Presently, the working conditions of truck drivers have drastically improved. Some incentives you may enjoy as a truck driver include:

  • Health insurance
  • Fully paid holidays
  • Paid leave
  • Local routes
  • Job security

To make it more appealing, some companies will reimburse tuition fees for new truck drivers. This can be helpful in case you need to get a certification like a CDL certificate or upgrade your driver’s license. If you can work for longer hours and take up the more challenging tasks, you could pocket more and get better incentives.

How to Find a Job as a Truck Driver

There are very few career options that can offer you the type of salary that truck driving can, especially when considering that no college degree is required.

Becoming a truck driver is simple. You need to take a quick driving course and the relevant training. This usually takes only a few weeks, and you are good to start. You will be able to take up any job in any part of the country.

As a new truck driver, you can pocket more cash within your first weeks at work. With focus and determination, your financial life can only get better. The increased salaries, flexible schedules, and mileage incentives make truck driving a career that even college graduates are willing to take.

If you feel this is your career, the time to act is now. Search online for companies offering truck driving jobs and compare the benefits provided by each company. Once you find the right company, send your application.

With the current shortage of truck drivers across the United States, you are likely to land a job as a truck driver in little to no time at all.

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