Don’t Overspend on Education – Get a Degree in Cybersecurity without paying a Penny

Here are some of the top online cybersecurity programs you will find online that don’t cost any money and set you on your way to earning a six-figure income.

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Most business, government offices, and organizations have moved their infrastructure and data to the connected world. While the connected world makes various tasks seamless, it exposes data to hackers and scammers who are always ready to use it for personal gains.

Security firms all over the globe are increasing their focus on finding ways to secure private information from unauthorized access. But today criminals are tech-savvy and always devising new ways to steal data. 

This means companies need more cybersecurity professionals who can boost their online security and help to protect personal information from falling into the hands of unknown individuals.  There’s no better time to pursue an online cybersecurity degree than now.

This degree promises graduates job opportunities in an ever-growing field. Furthermore, you don’t have to attend a traditional college to receive this degree as you can pursue it online. 

Free Cyber Security Programs Online

CISSP Courses

The demand for information security has sky-rocketed across industries. This means that now is an excellent time to earn your certificate with CISSP After completing our course, you can apply for jobs such as Information Security Analyst or Consultant which will help businesses maintain their business environment by protecting it from hackers with the help of IT specialists like yourself who have studied extensively on how best practices should be implemented in order ensure maximum protection against cybercrime.

CISSP is an industry recognized standard that is well accepted in the workplace and will make it easier for you to find high paying jobs in the cyber security industry.

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AWS Security Learning Plan

Amazon Web Services is one of the most important companies in the cyber security industry. If you become a cyber security professional it is almost guaranteed you will work with Amazon Web Services in one form or another. As a result, they have the AWS Security Learning Plan which is completely free. It offers a set of online courses for beginners that teach you what you need to know about cyber security efforts on the AWS platform. We recommend starting with the Security Ramp Up Guide from AWS if you are a complete beginner. This will give you the background you need to progress to more advanced levels of cyber security training.


Cybrary offers a number of free lessons and courses within their library of cyber security content. Another benefit beyond the content being free is that Cybrary has content designed to help people ranging from absolute beginners to experts.

The focus is on hands-on learning. This means you will learn about real life situations you are likely to experience in a workplace rather than learning only the philosophy behind cyber security.

Cybrary boasts over 2.5 million cyber security professionals who have used and contributed to their website. Their focus is on making the cyber security industry much more accessible to the average person. This is a great resource to start your learning at and it will be quite helpful as you transition to a high paying career in cyber security.

Cyber Security Career Options

According to, cyber experts are in demand in government, information technology, consulting, and banking and finance.  

All the information stored online by individuals, companies, and institutions is susceptible to cyber-attacks. That’s why companies and organizations across the globe are on the lookout for cyber security professions.

They can help protect personal information from falling to the wrong hand. They also design security plans, set up firewalls, and even monitor activity, to protect networks and important files. If a system gets hacked, they tend to react faster to address the threat and prevent future incidents.

Their roles become even more complicated across the existing sectors. Here’s a list of the various career paths you can pursue with a degree in cybersecurity. We’ve also mentioned the salary you can earn, according to

Security analyst

As an analyst, you get to work on security protocols and policies. You’ll conduct an in-depth system audit to identify a weakness in a system and anticipate future compromises. You will also track vulnerability over time.  Most cybersecurity analyst can earn between $67,790 to $99,000 per year.

Forensic engineer

The work of a forensic engineer is to identify and investigate security threats and data breaches. You will get to dismantle and rebuild systems, look for networks and systems that have been hacked, and extract and examine data.  Forensic engineers can walk home with an annual income ranging from $55,700 to $119,000.

Security software developer

Security software developers create detection tools or incorporate security during the software design process. Their annual salary ranges from $43,410 to $101,380.

In Conclusion

There are a wide variety of free resources online to learn cyber security. Once you demonstrate your knowledge and skill in this field you can easily qualify for a high paying career, many of which pay over $100,000 per year.

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