Check Out These Deals on the Samsung Galaxy S21

Anyone who wants to save a lot of money on the best Android phone of 2021 is in luck. We’ve rounded up the ebst deals on the Samsung Galaxy S21 below.

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Samsung is currently providing discounts regarding both unlocked and carrier options, ensuring the ideal offer for any consumer. Currently, Verizon and AT&T are offering special discounts for their customers. Let us dive in!

The brand-new Samsung Galaxy S21 begins at a price point of $799 for its 128GB storage capacity. The S21’s predecessor began pricing at $999. It is very rare for a company to offer a reduced price on their newest product, but Samsung is offering a $200 price decrease compared to its predecessor. Attempting to challenge other smartphone companies and cell-phone providers, the new S21 has reduced its price significantly.

A lowered price for a new product release is rare in today’s market. In the case of the iPhone 12, newer models usually cost more than the previous ones. By purchasing the Samsung S21, you will be purchasing a newer product for a discounted price.

Featuring a 6.2-inch AMOLED display, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, and a triple rear-camera array, the S21 is providing components that are a significant upgrade in comparison to last year’s model. The Samsung S21 offers a 128GB or 256GB memory capacity, and a new processing chip will guarantee an improved operating system when held against its previous models.

Listed below are the best promotions and offers for the new Samsung Galaxy S21 that are happening right now. An interpretation of each deal as well as the device itself can be found below. The S21 is the best value deal offered by Samsung. Compared to its largest competitors, the iPhone 12 and the Google Pixel 5, the S21 promotions will give you the best bang for your buck.

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Today’s Best Deals

Amazon – Starting at $699.99 – Save $100

For an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S21, Amazon begins pricing at just $699.99. This deal saves you a total of $100 in comparison to the newest iPhone 12. If you happen to be an Amazon Prime member you can also expect to get your phone delivered right to your door within one day or ordering it.

Best Buy – Save $300

Best Buy is currently offering a discount of $300 for the Samsung S21. The deal includes an activation rebate, so your device will be activated immediately following its purchase. This deal from Best Buy is available both in stores and online.

One benefit of buying from Best Buy is that you are able to activate your new Samsung Galaxy S21 on whatever network you want. This can help you get the best monthly phone plan deal for your new device.

Verizon– $800 Off With Trade-In Plus $500 When You Switch 

Verizon Wireless often provides several discounted prices for new Samsung releases, so you know that there is an option just for you out there. Verizon currently has an incredible trade-in value offer. If you turn in your older smartphone to Verizon when you purchase your S21, you can receive up to $800 off depending upon the quality of your old device. This money goes directly toward buying your new S21, creating almost a full discount on the price. If you are the type of person who likes to upgrade your phone every year, then this offer from Verizon makes it possible to get the new S21 for essentially free when you trade in your old phone.

But that’s not all. If you are a new customer to Verizon you can get an extra $500 in Verizon credit to help pay your monthly phone bills.

AT&T – Free with Trade-in – Save Full Price

Similar to Verizon, AT&T is offering a trade-in special. If you turn in your old smartphone and it meets the requirements, you could be eligible to receive your S21 completely free. This option is available to both new and existing customer of AT&T.

Samsung – Save $700

For an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S21, you can return your old smartphone to them and earn up to $700 to be put toward a new phone. If your old device meets their requirements, you can save up to $700. This offer is special because even if your old smartphone has some wear and tear on it, Samsung will still accept it. This means the final price of a brand new Galaxy S21 is only $99 when you buy it direct from Samsung. The best part of buying direct is there are absolutely no contracts.

In Conclusion

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is a competitively priced flagship smartphone. If you are in the market for a new Android, we recommend checking out these deals and upgrading your phone. You might be surprised to find that you can get the new S21 for essentially free when you trade in your old phone.

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