The Most Affordable Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Here are some deals seniors can take advantage of to save 75% or more on their monthly cell phone bill.

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Many cell phone users belong to the major carriers, such as AT&T, Verizon Wireless, or T-Mobile. But not many cell phone users realize that there are many more options that can save you large amounts of money. Mobile Virtual Network Operators, or MVNOs, are small-scale cell phone carriers that operate of off the major carriers, and can offer customers far lower prices and discounts.

Almost all major carriers have these MVNOs, and their offerings are worth investigating for lower prices, especially if you are looking for an individual plan. Some of the most popular low-cost carriers include Visible by Verizon, Cricket Wireless by AT&T, or Metro by T-Mobile. When researching the most cost-effective cell phone plans available, these brands are an excellent starting point if your goal is to save money.

$10 or Less Per Month

A plan that offers cell phone coverage for just $10 per month sounds like a dream, and it Iis becoming a scarce offer. Not only this, but the plans that do offer $10 per month often need additional services that can increase the price tenfold.

But do not worry – here are the top three carriers we think give the best service for the lowest prices out there.

Coming in first is Tello by T-Mobile. This service allows you to create a personal plan that works best for you and your cell phone needs. You can receive unlimited calls, text messages, and up to 1GB of data for just $10 per month. This is the ideal plan for you if you are interested in purchasing an older phone model, or an unlocked phone that can work with multiple carriers.

Next we have RedPocket. RedPocket is unique, because it is an MVNO that is compatible with any major carrier, so you can choose the carrier yourself. Their standard cell phone plan offers you 1,000 minutes of call time, unlimited text messaging, and up to 1 GB of data.

Finally, we have US Mobile. US Mobile offers a customizable plan for only $9 per month, which comes with 500 minutes of call time, 300 text messages, and up to 100MB of data. This plan is the perfect choice for you if you use very little LTE data. US Mobile does not sell phones, but is compatible with any Verizon or T-Mobile cell phone, so chances are, your current phone will work with US Mobile.

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$11–$20 Per Month

If you’re looking for a plan in a slightly higher price range than just $10, we recommend the following carriers.

Consumer Cellular by AT&T offers a simplified cell phone plan oriented towards seniors. Their lowest plan comes in at $20 per month, with 250 minutes of call time, unlimited text messaging, and up to 250MB of data. For just $5 more, you can receive unlimited call time and up to 500MB of data. While this plan is slightly more expensive, it comes with guaranteed cell phone coverage and excellent customer service.

H2O Wireless also by AT&T is a perfect plan that offers discounted automatic payments. Their lowest costing plan offers unlimited call time, unlimited text messaging, and up to 2GB of data for only $20 per month. If you elect to use automatic payment, that price drops to just $18 per month.

Additionally, Republic Wireless by T-Mobile offers new plans with lower costs. Their lowest option includes unlimited talk time, unlimited text messaging, and up to 1 GB of data for just $20 per month. If you opt to conduct your payments annually, they offer an even larger discount for yearly contracts.

Finally, US Mobile offers a strong cell phone plan within this price range. For $15 per month, you can receive unlimited talk time, unlimited text messaging, and up to 2.5GB of data.  

Cheap Plans With Unlimited Data

Finding an unlimited cell phone plan means a slightly higher monthly payment, but do not panic. Here are the lowest unlimited cell phone plans out there right now.

For $40 per month, Visible by Verizon offers unlimited talk time, text messaging, and data usage at higher speeds. This truly unlimited plan comes with a higher payment yes, but offers unlimited data and excellent customer service. Additional benefits include access to Verizon’s 5G network if you use the iPhone 12.

In addition, several popular cable companies are offering cell phone plans with low rates. If you have Comcast Cable, Xfinity Mobile will offer unlimited talk time and text messaging, with unlimited data wit slowed speeds after 20GB of use. Another provider of this same deal is Spectrum Mobile.

Another MVNO with lower pricing is Simple Mobile by T-Mobile, which provides unlimited talk time, texting, and data usage for $50 per month. However, if you are diving into the $50 price range, you can get the same plan with Metro by T-Mobile and additionally receive 100GB of Google One storage.

To conclude, there are a variety of cell phone plans available to you with lower pricing and discounts than the major cell phone carriers. Using the plans listed for you above will guarantee huge savings.

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