How to Find a Good Car Mechanic

Finding a mechanic might seem like a hassle, but that’s not always the case. Below we have provided you with several resources that will come in handy searching for mechanics online. Let’s have a look.

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Despite how careful you are with your car, there are several problems you can’t avoid. While you can handle some car problems on your own, others will require the attention of a reliable car mechanic.

1. Review the Mechanic’s Files

This is the start point before you choose a mechanic. Mechanic’s Files allows you to access customer reviews of various mechanics to find out if they can meet your needs. The website features an impressive collection of over 30, 000 reviews for different mechanics in different states in the country.

The process of finding a mechanic is hassle-free. Just key in your location and the overall distance you would wish to travel to see the mechanic. The site also enables one to narrow their hunt in that you can search a mechanic by name, the service they offer, and experiences.

The result page will provide you with a list of mechanics from the relevant specialties you’re interested in. With that, you can go through customer reviews to see which mechanic might meet your automotive needs.  

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2. Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is a business organization got established to help the consumer get the right services and boost the marketplace trust. That’s why it’s a good starting point for your search. Use their site to assess the customer satisfaction and scores for any business.

You can also go through the reviews to get a clear picture of their services and how best they handle their tasks. This applies to mechanics and auto repair shops around you. Why not try it next time when sourcing for a mechanic online?

At the site, you need to input your preferred location and the kind of business you are searching for. You’ll then get presented with a list of local enterprises and mechanics. Additionally, you will have a chance to go through various auto shops and check on their rating as per Better Business Bureau.

The ratings start from A+ for the best to F for the lowest rate. The overall rating is based on several factors, including customer satisfaction, how businesses handle customer problems, and much more.

3. American Automobile Association (AAA) Approved Auto Repair Network

AAA is a federation of motor clubs offering automotive services to over 60 million members spread throughout North America. The group caters to all the needs of its members, but most importantly, it helps them access dependable mechanics online via their official website.

If you’re looking for an experienced mechanic, then the American Automobile Association is your go-to search tool. The AAA website provides you with reliable information on all of their verified auto repair garages around your area.

At the website, you can enter the location, distance to travel, and any other additional automotive need you have. After that, the site will provide a catalog of mechanics matching your specifications.

Apart from the website notifying you about the certified mechanics, they also give you additional information on discounts offered by various local repair centers near you. In addition, the AAA’s auto repair estimator gives you the estimated cost of your vehicle repair based on location, needs, and car type.

4. National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)

ASE is an established organization that offers professional certification for proficient mechanics and repair shops. Those with the highest certification level receive an ASE Blue Seal on their profile. This shows clients that they are top-notch and reliable.

What is more interesting about the ASE website is that you can specifically search for Blue Seal mechanics. At their site, input your search radius and location, and you’ll be able to see all the available mechanics that can cater to your needs. You can review each mechanic profile to learn more about the services they offer, location, and operation hours.

One great advantage of using this website is that you’ll get a list of reputable mechanics and certified repair garages around. ASE certifications are hard to get. This means that whoever is listed is reliable and provides quality services.

Bottom Line

Searching alone is not enough; engaging the mechanic you choose in a simple talk is important. Ensure you inquire about their experience and skills in the kind of vehicle you own. Ask about their specialization and repair knowledge, too.

Check additional online customer reviews to get an overview of their services. The resources mentioned above will save you so much trouble finding a reliable local mechanic. You’ll also do away with potential headaches and disasters mostly experienced when you take your car to a garage you have no information about.

It’s also important for you to familiarize yourself with the latest research. At least compare three or four options before making your decision.

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