Replace Your Windows at Little to No Cost

Homeowners who want to repair or replace their windows need to look at these state and federal grant programs that can help cover the entire cost.

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The government wants homes and businesses to update their windows so that they are more energy efficient. As a result, they have created a number of different grant programs that can help you replace your windows for absolutely free or at a fraction of the normal retail prices.

The government literally will give you free money as an incentive to engage in energy saving and environmentally conscious behavior.  This is because there is a long term benefit to society when you upgrade your windows to a more modern technology.

What Does the Window Replacement Programs Cover?

The government grant programs for windows can be used to cover any costs associated with reducing energy usage in your home, office or business. Some of these costs include:

Removal of old windows – It can be expensive to remove old non-efficient windows from a building. You can use these grants to help cover the cost of removing old windows and updating the window frames so that they can accommodate new, more energy efficient windows.

Purchasing new windows – this is usually the biggest cost in any window replacement project. It is possible to use these grants for the purchase of new windows if they meet certain energy eligibility conditions.

Installing new windows – after you purchase windows you will need to install them. This can be an expensive process and the good news is that the grants can help pay for installation costs.

What Grants Are Currently Available?

There are a variety of grants available and your eligibility will depend on things such as where you live, what your income is like and the age of your home or office. Here are some of the most popular grant programs.

High Energy Cost Grant Program – this program is run by the USDA and focuses on helping lower energy costs for families and individuals in areas that have extremely high household energy costs.  The High Energy Cost Grant Program is available to businesses or people who live in an area where energy costs exceed 275% of the national average. You can apply to this grant program and in your application high light how the funds will be used for new windows.

Rural Energy of America Energy Grant Program – also administered by the USDA, the Rural Energy of America Energy Grant provides up to $20,000 for agricultural businesses and rural small businesses to upgrade their energy systems and purchase energy efficient equipment such as new windows. To check if your business is considered rural to qualify for this program visit the USDA website.

Weatherization Assistance Program – this program is run by the Department of Energy. The Weatherization Assistance Program aims to reduce energy costs for low income households by increasing the energy efficiency of their homes. The Weatherization Assistance Program awards grants to over 700 local nonprofit organizations who then perform energy efficient updates to the homes of low income people. To apply for the Weatherization Assistance Program you should contact your state weatherization authority.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program – The LIHEAP provides federal assistance to manager energy bills, weatherization and other costs. This includes things such as window replacement if faulty windows are causing you to have very high energy costs. LIHEAP is also administered at the state level, so it is recommended you reach out to your state authorities in order to apply for funding from the LIHEAP program. In order to be eligible for LIHEAP funding you must demonstrate that you need financial assistance with home energy costs. If you participate in other benefit programs like SNAP, SSI or TANF you will be automatically eligible.

In Conclusion

Replacing your windows is normally an expensive process that can drag down your family’s finances. But this does not have to be the case, especially for low income families or people who live in a rural community. There are a number of different federal and state grant programs designed to alleviate the cost of new windows or fund them entirely. You could receive up to $20,000 to cover the cost of replacing your windows with a more energy efficient alternative.

If you have been thinking of a window replacement project, then make sure you check out these grant programs and apply online to see how much money you can save. You might be surprised to learn you can replace your windows at no cost at all.

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