How to Save Big on Business Class Flights

See below for super cheap flights including discounts of up to 70% on domestic and international flights.

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Everyone is familiar with business class traveling and the benefits it provides. Earlier check-in and boarding, larger seats, complimentary drinks, the list goes on and on. Everyone in regular class seating has envied the benefits of business class at one point or another.

While business class may seem like a financial stretch that is just too expensive, this is not necessarily the case. The business class dream may be more attainable than you think. If you search in the right places, your research may lead you to an affordable option in business class. The following websites are the best places to find discounts on business class travel.


Skyscanner is an excellent place to begin your search for business class seating. The user-friendly interface will allow easy access to whatever it is you may be searching for. By simply entering the airport you are departing from, your place of arrival, and your preferred class (Business, of course), the options will appear to you with ease.

This internet page will search through hundreds and thousands of low-cost flights for any available class. You are also able to compare prices and offers between different airline companies.

Alpha Flight Guru

Alpha Flight Guru is another great resource available to search for affordable business class availability. This travel company is dedicated toward helping you find the best possible deal for air travel. They promise that their “flight gurus” will comb through thousands of offers on flights to uncover cheap business class ticketing. Utilizing their site may save you up to 75% off your desired tickets. With around the clock customer service, this website is excellent in catering to its customers and finding low prices.

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Executive Class Travel

Since its creation in 1992, Executive Class Travel has helped travelers locate affordable flights and ticket pricing. Their offers for up to 70% off business class tickets has contributed to the company’s popularity among users. Offering a 100% price match guarantee, Executive Class Travel is dedicated to matching customers with the lowest prices available.

Executive Class Travel scans through airline seating and allows you to buy the same seat on their website that you might from any other airline, but offers incredibly discounted prices. With alternative payment methods and free quotes, Executive Class Travel stands out as a resource for finding affordable business class options.

By selling and purchasing unused airline miles, Executive Class Travel eliminates the middle-man in airline ticketing and provides special deals and promotions to consumers directly.

Last Minute Business Class

Locating an available flight by using Last Minute Business Class can save you up to 70% on first or business class ticketing. By simply completing their online form to have a representative reach out to you, or contacting a representative directly, Lat Minute Business Class will work alongside you to find affordable airfare pricing. Regardless of your desired destination, this travel agency will help you find upper class flight seating at a far more affordable price than regular airlines.

SkyLux Travel

Another excellent resource for price comparison and searching for special offers is SkyLux. Skylux has helped over 50,000 customers find affordable pricing for business class airfare, and can help you save 55-77% off on tickets. Offering quality travel experiences and exceptional customer service, SkyLux Travel is an excellent place to look for affordable business class options.

In Conclusion

Whether you want to buy business class tickets as a one off event, or you plan to travel in business class on a regular basis, there are great deals available if you take the time to search online. If an airplane takes off with empty seats still available, then that is a lost revenue opportunity for the airline. As a result, these airlines want to fill up all their business class seats and savvy shoppers are usually able to find great deals if they put the effort in to search for them.

Some of the best deals occur on routes with a lot of competition such as New York City to London or Los Angeles to Dubai. In fact, international travel tends to have better discounts on business class airfare than one would normally find on domestic routes. This is because international airplanes tend to be larger and have more business class inventory to offer.

The bottom line is that traveling in business class is more affordable than ever before and there are several websites that can help you save up to 70% off on tickets. If you want to travel in luxury, then we highly recommend you check out these deals.

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