How to Reduce Dental Care Expenses

Below we will discuss where to find high quality dental care at an affordable price in your city.

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As you age, staying healthy becomes increasingly important. This means eating the right foods, taking good care of your body, and going for regular check-ups. But unfortunately, there is a trend where most seniors neglect their oral health until it’s too late. We can partly blame this trend on the lack of dental care cover in Medicare plans and basic health insurance.  

Nevertheless, lack of proper dental care can lead to serious ailments and even death. Statistics show that one out of five seniors above 65 has untreated cavities, and two out of three suffer from gum disease. Ignoring these conditions might lead to deadly health complications, such as strokes and heart attacks.

Therefore, it’s wise for the elderly to find ways of saving money on dental care expenses. That said, below we have listed a few ways seniors can save money during regular trips to the dentist.

1. Look for Better Dental Insurance  

Studies show that most seniors lack dental cover. And those that have one, their dental insurance can’t cover all their dental care needs. Although dental insurance seems expensive, it’s totally worth it. That’s because, if you find the right insurance, you could end up saving thousands in the long run.

Most dental insurance covers offer 100% preventive dental care, others 50% of the basic maintenance, including fillings and root canals, and some 20% to cover dentures and bridges.

When searching for a dental insurance plan online, try to compare different plans until you find an affordable cover that will meet all your needs. If you’re lucky, you will find a coverage plan costing $20 or less a month.

2. Shop Around

The next tip is to shop around for dental care. As much as you might find one that fits your budget, it’s best to look around, as there is always a better option.

Some seniors tend to visit the same dentist for years without considering the potential of other stations offering lower prices. However, even if you enjoy services from a particular dentist, you might save some money on certain procedures, such as the occasional teeth cleaning.

It is best to shop around and see what other institutions are charging. Luckily, we live in an era where you can find all the information with just one click, thanks to the internet. Go online and check offers from other dentist’s offices, dental organizations, and clinics. Some dentists may even accept or provide grants to use towards the cost of dental implants.

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Compare the costs, accepted dental insurance coverage, supported payment options, and more. Also, check if they offer discounts and special offers. Doing this often could save you money, and you could find a reputable clinic or dentist who offers quality dental services at a reduced cost.

3. Register for A Dental Discount Plan

Only a few seniors understand the difference between a dental discount plan and dental insurance plans. A dental discount plan is a coverage designed explicitly to save money during your regular trips to your dentist.

Some other clinics and institutions refer to them as dental saving plans. These plans allow you to enjoy dental services at a relatively low price, whether insured or uninsured. You’ll be required to register for an annual membership at a fixed price. After that, you get access to dental care at a discount throughout the year from participating dentists.

By registering for a dental discount plan, you can save 10 to 60 percent of your dental care costs. The main benefit of joining these plans is that they accept everyone. Seniors need not worry about their finances or health restrictions since a dental discount plan works for all adults irrespective of their age.  

4. Visit Your Local Dental School

Have you ever taken the time to consider the kind of services offered in your local dental school? If not, you’ll be surprised to find these institutions offer almost all types of services at reduced prices. Unfortunately, most seniors are not aware of this.

The secret is that dental schools train students who become professional students. These students need patients to work on during their studies. By visiting your local dental school, both parties benefit since you will help the students get more experience while benefiting from quality services at a reduced price.

Dental students perform teeth cleanings, root canals, and even cosmetic dentistry. There’s no need to worry as they work under the constant supervision of experienced professionals, who make sure the students conduct the procedures properly.

If you are serious about cutting your dental care costs, it’s time to take advantage of the cheap services in your local dental school.

5. Take Part in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are another great money-saving tip as seniors can enjoy low-cost and sometimes free dental services. Various universities and research bodies offer these programs, and they require volunteers to participate in their research. One recognized organization that occasionally conducts these trials is the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

Those willing to participate in these trials become study participants. Different institutions and programs reward each study participant differently, as one might offer cheaper dental treatment and other free care. This means that you’ll be getting the necessary procedures without spending a dime.

Begin Saving On Your Dental Care Costs Today

It is not fair to choose between your finances and oral health. Unfortunately, most seniors find themselves in such a situation, and most of them prefer saving money at the expense of visiting the dentist. Unfortunately, this leads to a series of health complications if your oral health deteriorates.

Rather than sacrificing your health, leverage the tips listed above to cut down your oral health costs. But don’t depend on this guide alone – go online and search for more dental cost-saving tips. Don’t forget to compare the different insurance and discount options available or switch to a more affordable dentist in your locality. Finally, Be on the look out for Grants that can be used towards dental implants that can cover some (or all) of the cost.

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